means building the customer’s point of view into every aspect, from design to the final product.

Why choose us?
Some may say that all interlock stones are the same, and in essence, they would be right! That is why the finer detail is so important when choosing a supplier to work with, as it is those details that define us from the rest. We believe that our offering is superior to the alternatives out there and have worked very hard to develop a value proposition that is attractive and sustainable. We ensure customer satisfaction with cost-effectiveness, quality, and after-sales services and technical assistance matching international standards.



German Technology
We are using the latest state of art German machinery.

Customer satisfactionWe measure our delivery precision and customer satisfaction with our efforts every time we complete a project.

Superior QualityProducts with high quality as international standards.

Our TeamWe go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets.

Affordable PriceWe strive to provide every day affordable prices.

We call you backWe will never disconnect our relation with customers.

We are a manufacturer of cement products: paving stones, kerbstones, building blocks, and unique add-value stones. GOLDEN BLOCK was established in 2015 at the Hurimelah industrial area, 50km north of Riyadh. Visitors and investors are welcome to see our factory. We commit to investing year after year with new paving design, latest technology, works on insulated products, and a new range of unique elements products. We ensure customer satisfaction with cost-effectiveness, quality, after-sales services, and technical assistance matching international standards.

We will follow the continuous upgrading of techniques, incorporate the latest technological advances to excel the customers' expectations. Our raw materials and end products meet the standard. All materials will prepare as standard, shall be tested and approved before the production process begins to ensure compliance with designated requirements. Qualified and experienced quality control personnel supervise all production phases and exercise strict vigilance over the quality of raw materials and end product. Our products are subject to stringent quality tests by relevant local and international standards. The policy strives hard for total customer satisfaction by providing good quality products at the most economical price.

GOLDEN BLOCK as a producer of Concrete products, GOLDEN BLOCK is well placed on utilizing these materials to achieve better resource efficiency; GOLDEN BLOCK can crush this material into a recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) recycle it into new products as a partial replacement for primary aggregates. It is the main high-value use for production waste. However, undoubtedly it is used as fill or low grade unbound material, which is a low-value use. These materials are routinely used in production without significantly affecting products that still meet the required standard.

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